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We believe in a better quality of life for all. Our mission is to elevate healthcare outcomes for our patients, providers, and partners. By aligning teams and technologies, we deploy enhanced clinical capabilities and compassionate, personalized care that improves lives.

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Advancing Innovation & Collaboration

AlignMed Partners is a team of advanced practice providers including PAs, NPs, and physicians who understand the complexities of post-acute and long-term care. We approach each engagement with open-minded compassion and use forward-thinking solutions to deliver individualized plans and reduce avoidable hospital transfers.


Elevating Healthcare Experiences Across the Full Spectrum of Care

We are your partners for a better quality of life. From patients to providers, we refocus the lens of healthcare to meet your organization's needs. We partner directly with PALTC and SNF operators to enhance clinical capabilities for medically and socially complex patients.

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We empower 340+ physicians, NPs, and PAs to achieve a fulfilling and rewarding career in senior healthcare. As an industry-leading organization, our providers are backed by a national network of like-minded team members and companies that provide the technology we need to deliver the best possible patient care while balancing a career with personal quality of life.

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Our nationwide network of specialized providers are supported by a physician and provider-based management team, ensuring that our leadership has provider and patient focus top-of-mind. Through enterprise-level technology, extensive regulatory compliance, and advanced illness expertise, we align your business goals with a higher standard of practice.

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We believe that our patients deserve a compassionate, confident team to deliver a plan of care aligned with the life they want. Our comprehensive care teams of physicians, NPs, and PAs are passionate about healthcare and finding the best solutions for superior patient outcomes while respecting their specific wishes for the delivery of care.


Join the Team That Begins With Care

A career with AlignMed Partners means a commitment to collaboration, innovation, compassion, and balance. We’re fostering growth and positive change — and it starts with you!

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Image of elderly woman getting blood pressure checked by doctor
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What Does a Partnership with AlignMed Mean for Me?

We understand that selecting a healthcare partner is a big decision for anyone regardless of whether you’re operating a facility, choosing an employer or looking for a healthcare provider. Because of this, we’ve complied some of the most common questions asked of our team. We encourage you to explore our FAQ library for more information or reach out to our team with your specific question.

Our team works collaboratively, leveraging robust data to guide outcomes and track progress. I find great satisfaction in supporting my physician colleagues and center operators in delivering excellent patient care.
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Dr. Laura Slack, MD, CMD

Regional Medical Director

AlignMed Partners

I could not have asked for a more supportive or encouraging team to help me launch my career. I joined AlignMed Partners because they stand true to their mission for our nursing home residents.
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Caroline Marin

Nurse Practitioner

The collaborative spirit is demonstrated by everyone on the team. It has been gratifying to partner so closely with a team that embraces technological advancements and strives for operational excellence.
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Bharath Bynagari

Co-Founder, CEO, & Chairman


A great company to work for. The management team gave me the support and mentorship to advance my career.
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Chikisha Flint

Area Clinical Practice Manager

I am receiving comprehensive support which includes mentorship from experienced practitioners, ongoing training programs, and access to resources that help me navigate the challenges in my transition from an RN to a Nurse Practitioner.
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Paula Clements

Nurse Practitioner

This transition has been incredibly easy due to all of the support they offer. Orienting with my CTL, collaborating with my attending physician, consulting fellow providers and attending bi-weekly educational sessions has helped me gain confidence and contributed to my success.
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Brooke Benedict

Physician Assistant

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