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With AlignMed Partners, care is just the beginning. Each of our 340+ providers has expertise in caring for patients with complex illnesses. Our nationwide team of physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), and physician assistants (PAs) are passionate about healthcare and finding the best solutions that align with your goals.

Why AlignMed?

A National Leader in Nursing Facility and Senior Living Care

AlignMed Partners works with skilled nursing and long-term care facilities to provide advanced clinical services.

Patients with complex care needs will benefit from:


Primary Care teams with advanced education in geriatric medicine ensure you receive seamless care from an attending physician and dedicated NP or PA.


Palliative Care Consultants who work with you to develop a care plan tailored to your specific healthcare goals.


Certified Wound Specialists who initiate treatment plans to support healing, promote your comfort and well-being, and help you avoid complications.


Access to care 24/7 via telehealth services delivered at your bedside.

Experience the Difference with AlignMed Partners

My grandfather was in a nursing facility in Pennsylvania for the last 6 months of his life.  It was a very difficult time for our family but we could no longer care for him safely at home.  His physician and nurse practitioner respected his decision to decline additional medical interventions and not transfer back to the hospital.  When he was nearing the end of his life, the medical team was very attentive, ensuring that he was comfortable and not experiencing any pain. They communicated with us frequently so we knew what to expect. We are very grateful for the excellent medical care and personal attention he received from the AlignMed team.

Deb W.

Granddaughter of Patient

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